Sep 30, 2012

Sell the lessons you create; make money

A few weeks ago my brother sent me this article about the website The gist of TeachersPayTeachers is simple: you make a lesson and people pay you to download it (or, of course, you can offer it for free). TeachersPayTeachers takes a cut off the top, but in the end you can actually make money on the education material you create.

So I've spent the last couple of weeks taking a look at other people's material, downloading free lessons, and creating my first couple of resources that I've uploaded to their site. Teachers from all over have made available tools from simple worksheets to hundred-page e-books; all of them priced from nothing to more-than-I-would-want-to-spend.

I find it hard to imagine that a teacher could make a substantive profit with worksheets and the like which are uploaded with little care. Rather, those few teachers who have the time to create original, complex, and successful lessons will be themselves successful in potentially raising a respectable profit.

So - if you are in the business of making quality resources and would be interested in making a penny for your work - check out TeachersPayTeachers. I think this could actually be worthwhile for those extremely hard-working teacher friends of mine, who I'm sure would appreciate this heads-up (and for whom this short post has been written).

For those of you with a million teacher friends who haven't heard of this site, you'll be happy to know that there's a referral program as well. (Here is my personal referral link - thank you!)

I think there is potential here, it is most certainly not for everyone, but I strongly suggest you all check it out - if for nothing but to see that there are a ton of free resources that may be helpful to you in your classroom. Good luck to all those who attempt to make something here!

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